We would like to congratulate our creative director Dave Wilson for managing to get this week’s issue out after a mortifying experience on Saturday. Dave was in Brighton’s Churchill Square, queuing at the counter to buy this summer’s pair of Ray Ban Aviators. It was, as you remember, a hot day, and there was a long queue. Dave, impatiently fidgeting, stepped back into a dog belonging to someone in the queue behind him. He turned around to apologise to the dog’s owner, a middle-aged man holding a bag, and simultaneously gave the dog one of those scratch-ruffles they love so much under the chin. He was rather surprised by the man’s startled look, but even more surprised by the feeling of bare skin under his fingertips. The ‘dog’ stood up and turned into a small woman with long flowing hair, who had been kneeling down looking into the lower tier of the cabinet. Dave cringed like he hadn’t cringed for years, and blurted out a second apology, this time to the woman, which only made things worse. “I’m sorry…” he said. “I thought you were a dog.” Unfortunately, she didn’t see the funny side of the situation. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she yelled, though she didn’t use the word ‘hell’. Dave made a third apology, and decided it best to turn his back on the situation. There were still four people in the queue in front of him. Happily the sunglasses look good on him. Unfortunately the good weather which had encouraged him to buy them in the first place has disappeared. Enjoy the week.

Cover: Bathers – Costa del Sol by the Chalk Gallery’s Miranda Ellis
Above: Nice graffito – but where is it?
Last week: Popes Passage