Gig - Tongue and Groove

Oxford bags, Death Race 2000, Dr Scholl, the Fonz, Bazooka Joe bubble gum, Timpos, smiley patches, Aero bars, cheesecloth shirts, Angel Delight, blakeys, blackouts, male perms, boob tubes, 7-up, Billy don’t be a hero, bomber jackets, you’ll never go back in the water again. Clarkes Commandos, snorkel parkas, the Million Dollar Man, Chiclets, games of Winnipeg, Golden Nuggets, Penelope Pitstop, Oh Parker (yes m’lady?). Streakers, Dime Bars, Vesta curries, apply adhesive here, tye-dye shirts, Action Man’s gripping hands, Kojak, the Virginian, Afghan coats, The Queen’s Jubilee, Peter Ward, Leo Sayer, David Essex, the Banana Splits: uh-oh, jungo, Danger Island next! Sherbet dips, colour tellies, the Isle of Thorns, gobstoppers, spacehoppers, the Galloping Gourmet, Letraset, chopper bikes, Charlie’s Angels, clackers, Big Daddy, Dougal and Florence, Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down. Tiptoe, through the North Stand, with your boots on, get your ‘ead kicked in. Rimsky Korrrrrrrrrrrsikov!

Getting nostalgic? Retro band Tongue and Groove specialise in taking you back to the seventies, and they invite you to dress up for the occasion and join in as they run through their set of classics you may well have known all your life. Ready for another list? Ziggy Stardust; Come Together; Like a Rolling Stone; Twentieth Century Boy; Vicious; Hi Ho Silver Lining; I’m a Believer; Mrs Robinson; Suffragette City; Born to be Wild; Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. What’s up baby? A great gig, that’s what’s up. Coolamundo. Be there, or be square. AL

70’s revival: a transvestite transsexual
Klark Kent gets changed in an acid-vision phone box
All Saints Centre, Lewes
When? Doors open 7pm
How Much? £6 in advance, £7 on the night.

Tongue and Groove
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Tickets -
Riks Disks,
7 Station St, Lewes