Windows, Doors & Floors - Lewes Castle

Lewes Castle and the Barbican Museum contain a rich variety of architectural styles and designs, and today your kids are invited to explore them in greater detail. In a fun session (aimed at kids four years old and older) they get to tour the castle, investigating the varying shapes of the building’s structure along the way. They will also look at old photographs highlighting differing architectural styles, in an event which is part of the Lewes Castle and Anne of Cleve’s House participation in the 10th annual Architecture Week. Towards the end of the session, your kids will also get the opportunity to devise their own masterpiece when they create a clay tile to take away as a reminder of the day’s events.

The Royal Institute of British Architects 10th annual Architecture Week, runs from the 16th - 25th of June. When it started in 1997 it was designed as a national public celebration of contemporary architecture. The aim was to persuade the general public to be a bit more adventurous about exploring the architecture and built environment around them. The attitude behind the event is best summed up by these quotes from critic Tom Dyckhoff. “Architecture is not here to pay bills, solve world peace and make your life more efficient. It’s here to give your life oomph. That’s what architecture should do, whether it’s Tate Modern or the shed in your back garden”. Tom’s clearly not seen my shed… NW

Lewes Castle: windows, buttresses and battlements

Lewes Castle, High St, Lewes
When? 2-3.30pm
How Much? £3.50 (book in advance)
Sussex Past
(t) 01273 486290
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