Cinema - Capote

Truman Capote, like many serious writers, was an eccentric genius. This film is the story of how the act of writing his most important book turned him into a complete nutcase. The book in question is called In Cold Blood. It is a brilliant piece of non-fiction, which examines the senseless murders of a family of four in a Kansas home through the eyes of their killers, a pair of psychotic drifters. Capote interviewed the two time and again to try and find why they committed the atrocious crime. In doing so he becomes obsessed with the more intelligent of the two, Perry Smith. Capote continues to interview Smith throughout his stay on Death Row; finally understanding that he will only be able to complete his book when the man he has come to love is executed.

Philip Seymour Hoffman doesn’t just play Truman Capote in this well-made, thoughtful, intelligent film: he becomes him. For this he rightly won the leading actor Oscar his quietly brilliant career richly deserves. That he completely overshadows all the other actors doesn’t matter. This film is about what happened when Truman Capote stared too hard in the face of truth. It needed a strong central performance: it got a brilliant one. Go watch it. But first, if you haven’t already done so, read the book. DL

The Truman Show: Philip Seymour Hoffman puts in an
Oscar-winning performance in Capote
Gardner Arts Centre
When? 7pm
How Much? £5/£4

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