Lewes Markets - The Town Hall

I’d completely forgotten about the Tuesday market until a month ago when I found myself in need of a Philips screwdriver. I happened to be wandering past the Town Hall, walked in and found one on the first stand I visited. It was 40 pence. Across the aisle, a stand was raffling off what looked like the contents of someone’s recently cleared out larder. I bought a pound worth of tickets (proceeds to charity) and was declared the winner of a tin of scotch broth - which I must admit to having quite a fondness for. The third stand yielded a Power Rangers video my son had coveted for many months. I felt like I’d stumbled in to the middle of some kind of karmic shopping experience.

The market takes place every Tuesday from 10am - 2pm. On my last visit there were about thirty stalls selling an eclectic range of goods ranging from second-hand clothes to organic health and beauty products. There’s always a selection of children’s toys to be found around the hall, whilst of course, as its Lewes, there are also a fair number of stalls selling ‘antiques’ of various ages. My final stop was the well-established café, which was doing a roaring trade serving drinks, cakes and sandwiches to a selection of Lewes’s young mothers and retirees. I settled for a cup of tea and one of Mr Kipling’s finest cakes, before making a mental note to visit again soon... NW

You lookin’ at me? Nick Williams' karma shopping comes to an
abrupt end in the Town Hall market
Town Hall, Fisher St Entrance
When? 10am – 2pm
How Much? Cheap as chips