Al Fresco Season - The Rainbow

The British climate is not an obsessive talking point for nothing, so any brief that is dependent on unfailingly good weather seems touchingly optimistic. Despite an uncharacteristic spell of unbroken sunshine, the day scheduled to review the outdoor dining experience at ‘The Rainbow’ reverted very much to type. With menacing grey clouds overhead and a distinct chill in the air, we soon made the decision to stretch the definition of ‘al fresco’ dining. After a brief tour of the roof terrace (which had to be unlocked for the purpose), lunch was consumed securely within the boundaries of four walls and a roof. The front door was slightly ajar, if that helps.

Despite six of us being present, we entirely failed to do justice to the breadth of the menu. This was nothing to do with the selection on offer and everything to do with some rather unimaginative decision-making. Ordering was divided evenly between portions of chips and ‘Haddock, lime and potato cakes with crispy bacon, guacamole and tomato salad’ from the Specials board. I was in the latter camp and was so taken by the fresh, zesty flavour that I failed to notice the absence of crispy bacon. Although, this might have had more to do with the distraction of Dave’s story about some sunglasses, a dog and a case of mistaken identity. (See editor’s introduction for more). Most dishes are priced at around £6, ranging from comforting local cider and apple sausages and potato hash to chicken, peach and spring onion salad for those much talked about sunny lunchtimes. ER

Lime Regis: the king of all fishcakes in the Rainbow

The Rainbow
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