Our picture of the week was taken by Davie Kidd last Sunday as the raft racers approached the dreaded Southease Bridge, which is the boating equivalent of the Charge of the Light Brigade. Eggs to the left of them, eggs to the right of them, and on the bridge a crowd of nasty men with buckets of manure, brightly-coloured spaghetti, flour and water to tip onto the tiring oarsmen as they went underneath, as fast as they could manage. We love the splashes in the water as a couple of missiles miss their target, and the fact that you can see a hand in motion in the foreground about to send in another, destined to wipe the smile on the face of the nearest raftsman. We also love Bobby Moore, though we hope that it is another Englishman – namely David Beckham – who will be holding up the gold trophy on July 9th. Please continue sending in your pictures of the World Cup to info@vivalewes.com we’re building up quite a collection.

Yolked to the skin: the rafters approach the bridge of death