Tour - Brack Mount

Every year or so the Barbican Museum lot give a guided tour of Brack Mount, the mound of earth which sits behind the Lewes Arms pub. I went last year. It’s a fascinating little trip, which as well as informing you about this historical spot, gives you views of Lewes you have never seen before.

Brack Mount, formerly known as Bray Mound, was originally the second motte of Lewes Castle. It is of great interest to historians. Lincoln Castle is the only other castle in the country with two mottes, but they are much closer together than Lewes’. In Norman times, we know from excavations, a circular wall connected the two towers, enclosing everything within. We do not know which motte was built first; it is believed that Brack Mount was a Roman burial mound, and was built up by piling chalk on top. It is not known what the tower on the top of the mound looked like, or even whether it was wooden or stone because the place has never been properly excavated. But in 2001, when a survey was made following subsidence difficulties, they found the top of a chalk well at the top of the mound. In Victorian times the landlord of the Lewes Arms used the space as a tea garden. So it’s historically interesting; what’s more it’s great to get the chance to climb up this idyllic bit of wild land right in the centre of Lewes. Book tickets in advance: there limited places on this tour. AL

Motte in a thousand years: A rare chance to climb Brack Mount
Meet at Barbican Gate.
When? 11.30am and 2.30pm
How Much? £2: buy tickets at Barbican Museum.