Phoenix Action - Pells Wall Demonstration

The proposed Phoenix Development comes with its own flood defences, but it is a well-known fact that if you defend one area of a river, you make other adjoining areas more prone to flooding. To counter this, according to a press release we have received from the Phoenix Action Group, Angel Property have suggested building a two-metre-high wall running the length of the Pells Lake, obscuring the water from view. Phoenix Action are aware that this proposal is creating much debate between local residents. Some believe this is their best chance for adequate flood protection; others feel that the wall will be an eyesore and destroy the beauty of this lovely part of Lewes. In order to promote debate on the matter, on Saturday Phoenix Action are going to erect a cardboard wall, 150 metres long and 2 metres wide, in exactly the same place as the proposed flood defences. They hope that plenty will turn up to see the wall (and help hold it up) so everybody can see exactly the impact it will have. “This is the first chance for Lewes residents to publicly voice their views on the proposed development” says spokesperson Denise Turner.

The group are also going to raise a number of helium balloons to the height of the highest buildings in the development - a frightening eight storeys - in order to illustrate the impact such buildings would have on the area, if the weather is good enough. AL

Pond memories: appreciate the Pells Lake’s tranquil beauty
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Pells Lake
When? 3pm
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