There was some concrete in the back garden that needed breaking up. And, because these days I’m a bit fitter, I thought I’d do it myself. These days, I’m not the sort of fat, lazy guy who would hire somebody to break up concrete. Luckily, this being Lewes, I popped into Hewden, on the industrial estate behind Tesco, and asked the guy if he had a really big, heavy, juddering drill. He did. It cost me £35 for the weekend.

The drilling was fine. When I say the drilling was fine, I mean that, before long, I had worked out a good technique. You’d think that the drill would work best when it vibrates the most, wouldn’t you? Well, that’s not true. You have to slow down the vibrations. Then you get into a sort of ‘drilling zone’. It’s a physics thing, and I think it can be related to the way that sonic toothbrushes work.

I drilled for seven hours. At the time, the fact that I couldn’t feel my fingers seemed pretty normal, pretty much what you’d expect. A day or so later, most of the feeling came back into my left hand. But the weird thing is that, more than a month later, I still have one finger that is completely numb above the middle knuckle. I must have been doing it wrong. Luckily, this being Lewes, I can go to Rita Eccles in Western Road for some Bowen therapy (£30 per session.) I’ll let you know how I get on.

Driller Killer: William Leith goes pneumatic