Al fresco lunch - The Lamb

When I was a teenager in the early 80’s the Lamb was a no-go zone, hang-out central for the skinheads whose politics were diametrically opposed to those myself and my friends vociferously espoused on a Saturday night. Now they serve al fresco fajitas in a pleasant little yard full of yucca plants. This town has changed.

It’s a sunny day and the Lamb courtyard is quite a suntrap. It’s tiny, but they’ve managed to fit four tables in and three are free. We choose the one furthest from the two wheely bins. Fajitas are on the menu for £6 and I can never resist anything which you have to build yourself. Dave goes for a more prosaic steak sandwich. When the food arrives I’m delighted. The fajita sauce is made with red peppers and chicken and is swimming in olive oil. There are three chapattis and bowls of chilli sauce and cream to dollop on. The construction process is what makes fajitas fajitas: you are given a sense of purpose and you feel you deserve the multifarious taste of that bundle of heavyweight calories as you chew and swallow. There are three chapattis, which keeps me fairly busy for quite a while. The single serviette I am given has its work cut out too. All washed down by a cold lager. Inevitably, as I get up to leave, I feel rumblings of digestive discontent. Still, I muse, the Lamb has come on. A spot of indigestion is much better than a kick in the head from a fourteen-hole Doctor Marten. AL

Fajitas: chicken in Lamb’s clothing
The Lamb, Friars Walk, Lewes
How Much? Fajitas £6

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