Name: Paul Duckett, aka Incredible Dancing Man. I got christened that by Luca, the lead singer of the band God, who saw me dancing at a disco and recruited me to dance for the band.
Profession: I used to work for the National Audit Office, but I have retired on medical grounds. I suffer from epilepsy. I do a bit of voluntary work.
Are you local? I have been living here for 22 years or so. I was living in Hassocks with my then partner, who found Lewes in a brochure. We thought it looked nice so decided to move here.
Best thing about Lewes? It’s very easy to make friends. You can meet someone in a pub and within 30 seconds it’s like you’ve known them for years. I found that immediately I arrived here. Also there’s plenty to do. There’s something on every night.
Worst thing about Lewes? I can’t drive because of epilepsy, but despite that it’s the lack of parking in the town. The current zone system is a disaster.
Favourite pub? I can’t answer that. I’m IDM at the Lansdown, but I also dance at the Volunteer and the John Harvey Tavern. They are great places with lovely staff, and I have friends in every one.
What’s your poison? White wine. An Italian Pinot Grigio if possible. And the occasional vodka with something.
Waitrose or Tesco? Tesco is close to where I live. It also has a café and some loos, which makes a big difference.

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