Not bad eh? Let me tell you the story behind this week’s cover. About six weeks ago I was taking a photograph of a poster for the concert Boho were playing in the Royal Oak, which I had blu-tacked against an interesting wall (in Pipe Passage) for use in this web-mag. “That’s cheating,” said a northern voice and I looked up to see a tall 60-ish man with a much bigger camera than mine. We chatted, and he told me he had travelled overnight from Pontefract to Lewes because he was ‘looking for something.’ But he wouldn’t reveal what it was. I gave him my card and told him to get in touch if he ever found it. Last week I received a phone call, and immediately recognised the voice. The man was back in Lewes, and he ‘had something to show me.’ He came round to my office, and opened a long narrow folder. The yard-long picture we’ve used as our cover is what he had to show me. An impossible shot of Lewes High Street, with no cars and no people. The fruit of hundreds of individual shots cleverly photo-shopped together. He revealed that his name was Bill Major, and that this was what he did for a living, having retired from teaching sculpture. He signed the photo, which is beautifully printed onto watercolour paper, and presented it to me. And then he left. I will never forget Bill Major; he reinforced a philosophy I hold dear. Always make the most of a chance encounter. Enjoy the week.

Cover: Lewes High Street by Bill Major
Above: Nice shades (see last week’s intro). But where are they?
Last week - Irelands Lane