Herbert Scott Advertorial

Germany beating the Czech Republic 2-1 with a golden goal to win Euro 96? TheThree Lions anthem? Frances McDormand’s Oscar for her part in the fantastic Coen Brothers film, Fargo? The birth of Dolly the cloned sheep or the death of the second-best Doctor Who ever, Jon Pertwee? David Herbert and Kevin Scott of Herbert Scott were too busy moving into a (rather small) office on Station Street and starting up a their fledgling independent financial services firm to remember much of that. Since then, the business has grown steadily and now employs twelve people, offering advice on mortgages, pensions, investments, insurance and tax from the company’s current offices on the High Street.

“Mention to people that you’re an independent financial adviser and they’ll make their excuses and run,” says Kevin, one of the new breed of Chartered Financial Planners. “Pensions, insurance and tax planning are a serious turn-off for most people. Rather strangely, we love it and like anything in life, if you love it, you tend to do it rather well.” The idea was to create a strong company that will continue well after the founders retire. “We visualised sepia pictures of us - the long-gone founders -on the wall,” says David. Those days are a way off yet. In the meantime, as well as sorting out the town’s money matters, the two will be busy catching up on some of the stuff they missed out on ten summers ago.

Pint proven (2): Financial advisors Kevin Scott and David Herbert making up for lost time