Lewes Farmers' Market - Strawberries & Cherries

Lewes Farmers’ Market has been blessed from the start with a good old-fashioned fruit farm, Maynards at Ticehurst. Everything the owner Tom Maynard does is geared towards flavour. Rather than the ubiquitous El Santa, he has five types of strawberries chosen for taste, including this week’s dark-fleshed Florence. Instead of constant irrigation, plumping up the fruit with water, Maynards usually let the sun and rain do the trick. If the fruit does need a drink, it comes from water in the farm’s own reservoir rather than drawing heavily on the mains or from digging a borehole. They rotate the crops to control disease rather than sterilizing the soil every year.

This week also sees the start of the cherry season. Maynards sells seven kinds of sweet cherries at the market. From around mid July, jam makers may want to go to the farm itself to get the rare, fleeting and delicious Morello cherries, the slighter sourer fruit that is especially good in preserves and sauces. I’d recommend a trip to the farm in any case. It's a bountiful, family-run affair, with a hand-painted map showing you around the 50 acres and a croquet set on hand should you want a break from picking. Lewes Farmers’ Market is this Saturday morning. Maynards, Windmill Hill Farm, Ticehurst, is open for PYO from 9am-8pm, or dusk until October. For the latest on what is ripe-and-ready for PYO, contact them via the details shown below. HE

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Farmers Market, The Precinct, Cliffe High St, Lewes
When? 10am-1pm
How Much? Free

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