Classical Music - New Music Brighton

Cutting edge stuff at Pelham House this evening as New Music Brighton, an association of local contemporary classical music composers, present a concert of pieces from eight of their members, played by the Shellira String Quartet. Six of the pieces will be making their public debut, many of them will be rather avant-garde. The NMB plug a gap which is usually left well alone by concert organisers, who prefer to play safe with at least some of the repertoire dedicated to better known ‘classic’ composers.

Tonight’s featured composers include Peter Copley, Ric Graebner (who is also being featured by the MAS this week in the All Saints), Barry Mills, David Hoyle, Phil Baker, William Johnstone, Guy Richardson and Julian Broughton. No Corelli, then; not a Vivaldi to be heard. Expect to be surprised occasionally by the tonality and sonority of the works, expect more percussion than you might be used to from a string quartet, expect quite some diversity of style. And expect to be entertained: contemporary classical music might not be ‘safe’ but it’s nothing to be afraid of. AL

The Shellira string quartet perform debut contemporary
classical pieces
Pelham House, St Andrews Lane, Lewes
When? 7.30pm
How Much? £7 (£5 concs)

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