Lewes Parking Scheme - Kevin Scott, Chamber of Commerce

"It’s funny how quickly people forget how difficult it was to park in Lewes. The streets in the centre of town were two-hours only and there was no space for residents. Streets near to the town centre were crammed with commuters parking for work. There was little policing and we only had one traffic warden. Consequently people abused the waiting period, short-term visitors couldn’t park and residents were beginning to threaten direct action. ESCC ran a series of meetings, concluding that Lewes could manage the space better with a residents’ scheme, and that better policing would encourage commuters to park further out. To some extent, the scheme has worked. However, instead of the soft touch promised, they’ve implemented a sledgehammer scheme to crack a nut. To get residents back onside, the scheme needs changes: we need fewer zones and price bands, shorter hours (9am-5.30pm), and no scheme on Saturdays - apart from in the central commercial areas. Single yellow lines need to be re-instated and there needs to be more tolerance for shoppers late back to their cars.

The Chamber feels that a car free scheme (Dea Campbell VivaLewes 21) is unrealistic. This is not because we are ‘car lovers’, but simply because we believe that in some situations the car remains the best mode of transport. We do however encourage ESCC to introduce more public transport, and to improve the environment for pedestrians and cyclists - which is why we have lobbied for a blanket 20mph speed limit in the town."

ESCC parking scheme. Sledgehammer. Nut.

Kevin is the Lewes Chamber of Commerce spokesperson on traffic
and parking. Most days he walks to and from work.