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Al fresco for a fiver - The Pelham Arms

My weight has gradually been creeping further away from its normal 15-stone mark, but I was alarmed the morning after a four-day bratwurst and beer break in Berlin that it had actually pushed past 16. So I resolved to go on a diet. Nothing too heavy: a brisk walk every day, wine instead of beer, salads instead of fry-ups, that sort of thing. With this in mind I headed with Dave our creative director up to the Pelham Arms to try out lunch in their beer garden. I managed to get the better seat on the table, facing the yucca-lined pub wall rather than the car park behind. I ordered a goat’s cheese salad and a glass of white wine. Dave ordered a Greek salad and a bowl of chips. Do you want to share them? He asked. ‘No!’ I replied, evangelically.

My salad, when it arrived, was two thin slices of cheese on two thin slices of toast on a rather sparse bed of lettuce and peppers. Within five minutes it was gone, even though I had been taking small bites. I was still fairly hungry. I started at the chips; I ended up eating about two-thirds of them. My wine was long gone: I looked sadly at the empty glass and realised that this wasn’t going to be easy. I can definitely recommend the fish fingers and chips and beans at the Pelham, and the bar staff are lovely. It isn’t a salad kind of bar, though. AL

Getting his goat: salad days for our overweight food reviewer
The Pelham Arms, High St, Lewes
When? Kitchen open…12noon - 2.30pm
How Much? Goats Cheese Salad £4.95

The Pelham Arms
(t) 01273 476149