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Gig - The Hat

Sometimes you see a poster of a band and you know you’re going to like the music they make. The Hat looked cool and thoughtful, at the same time. Poetic and streetwise. Rare bedfellows in the music world. ‘A combination’ read the poster ‘of stories to melt your mind and songs to bend your heart. Think Tom Waits reading Roald Dahl over a soundtrack composed by Danny Elfman, played by the Beastie Boys and you'll almost be half way there’. So I dug around the net a bit, found their myspace site, listened to a couple of tracks. They billed themselves as hip hop/folk/alternative, which says a lot. The first song was called Less of a Lover, and it was a heartfelt voiceover poem which turned into a song, building up in power and tempo until a crescendo after which it slowed down again and its message was revealed: ‘Be with your pain but don’t let the pain contain you. Be with your pain but know that it’s not all there is to you. There’s so much of you still to shine through.’ These were Brighton kids singing about emotional turmoil. Cool.

The second song ‘Open Heart’ suggested that The Hat came out of the same South Coast ether as Lansdown regulars Turning Green. A lyrical chorus ‘every open heart needs working on’ joined by increasingly frenetic and high-pitched rap strings. I’m not sure I liked this one, but I knew I didn’t dislike it either. It made me want to hear more, and I will, on Saturday. AL

Cat in The Hat: ‘Tom Waits meets Roald Dahl’

The Lansdown, Station St, Lewes
When? 8.30pm
How Much? Free

The Hat
(w) Website