Archaeology Day at Lewes Castle

If you’re looking for a fun, but still educational, Sunday day out with the family, today’s events at Lewes Castle will fit the bill. In celebration of National Archaeology Week, East Sussex Archaeology Society are putting on a range of events at the castle. As well as getting the opportunity to tour the castle and its impressive Barbican, you will also be invited to get into the spirit of the day by dressing in Saxon costumes. The more adventurous may want to experience the practical skills of the period by making a pot and attempting the textile techniques of the time. You will of course also get to handle a range of artefacts dating from the near past back to Roman times.

National Archaeology Week (which actually covers nine days from 15th-23rd July) is the brainchild of The Council for British Archaeology (CBA). In conjunction with their youth wing, the Young Archaeologist Club (YAC), they have organised events throughout the country to encourage the British public to pay more attention to the incredible range of our country’s archaeological heritage. In Lewes, we are of course blessed with an array of treasures right on our doorstep. So after the castle, maybe head down to Anne of Cleves House and museum, before finishing off at the Cluniac Priory Ruins - the missing stones from which, in a cross between vandalism and recycling, were later used to build Southover Grange… NW

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Could there be Roman coins under Anne of Cleves house?
169 High Street, Lewes
When? 11am - 4pm
How Much? Adult £4.25; Child £2.25; Family (2+2) £11.70

Lewes Castle
(t) 01273 486290
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