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Gig - Rock in the Bog 3

Four years ago the Cliffe Bonfire Society bought a ten-acre field off Earwig Corner in Malling. They wanted a back-up fire-site in case there was ever a danger of them losing access to the field off Ham Lane where their anarchic annual bonfire, firework and effigy-exploding celebrations take place. Tonight they are holding a fund-raising concert in their new field for the third year running. It’s called Rock in the Bog 3. Tribute band Brass Monkeys, who play covers of the likes of Led Zeppelin and the Eagles, are providing the musical entertainment. The CBS being the CBS there will also be a fire, on which a barbeque will be prepared - a free burger comes with every ticket. Naturally there is Harveys beer on offer. You can camp there, as well, and there is free parking.

The Cliffe Bonfire Society is the oldest bonfire society in town, together with Borough (originally called ‘Lewes’). Both societies were formed back in 1853. Cliffe are by some way the most raucous bunch, noticeable in the annual procession for their 17 burning crosses to commemorate the martyrs burnt at the stake in Lewes during the Marian persecution in 1555-7 and for the devil-take-the-hindmost look in their members’ eyes as they brandish their torches and vault barrels of burning coals. My personal favourite moment in their celebrations is when three men dressed as Roman Catholic cardinals read the scriptures in Latin amid a hail of bangers. Tonight’s bash won’t be half so wild, but you can bet on it that it won’t be dull, either. DL

Bogfire night: earwig-oh for the Cliffe fundraiser
Photo by Leigh Simpson
Lower Field off Earwig Corner
When? Gates 6pm, band 8.30pm
How Much? £5 with free burger

Cliffe Bonfire Society
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