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Disappearing Lewes - The Mystery of the Lewes Arms

Paranormal Investigators have been called to examine the strange inexplicable phenomena taking place at the Lewes Arms-the disappearance of numerous contented drinkers. Tom Paine, 52, of Lewes, could barely conceal the emotional quiver in his voice as he told us “ It was a beautiful summer evening and I were drinking my Harveys with my mates. I suddenly noticed how quiet it had gone. I looked round and the pub was empty. All gone. It’s a mystery, it is”. Readings indicate high levels of intense cold emanating from the bar area. Researchers are puzzling over the recordings of shrill unearthly voices captured at about eleven pm. Cryptologists are pouring over the obviously anachronistic and incongruous markings on the three slabs found against the outside wall.

The National UFO Reporting Center (USA) has been called in after reports of many sightings of UFOs (Unidentified Fleeing Objects) in the area. Who is the enigmatic Green King? Is the Lewes Arms on the site of an ancient burial ground? Are spirits responsible for the possession of the bar staff, the sullen stares, the hostile glares? Who is the mysterious woman in black, obviously held against her will, aching to leave every evening? Is it time to send for the Exorcist to purify the Lewes Arms and return it to a state of bliss? There are too many unanswered questions. We want answers and action now. NM

Now you see ‘em, now you don’t: Lewes Arms regulars are deserting
their living room