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Are you a DFL, or a UFB? Or are you a born-and-bred Lewesian? It was interesting a couple of weeks back that we got a good deal of negative feedback after our down-from-London columnist Jess Wood wrote what we figured was a tongue-in-cheek piece about coffee bars in Lewes, suggesting that she’d be back up to the Smoke in a flash if Caffé Nero ever went out of business. Suddenly, from our seething electronic mailbag, we realised quite how much bubbling-under resentment there was (from certain members of) one section of the Lewes population towards the perceived attitudes of another, more recent, influx of residents. We assume that our growing number of readers is formed both from recent arrivals and long-standing residents. The people who make Viva Lewes are just such a mixture of people. We would like to understand where you stand on this issue. If you are a long-term resident, do you dislike anything about the recent arrival of city folk? If you have recently arrived, do you feel any resentment from long-term residents? Is Lewes becoming a better place to live in, or is it on the decline? Of course we are a web-magazine with its own voice, but we are interested in becoming a forum for the opinion of the people in and around this town. If you have an opinion on any matter, send it to us, and if we consider it to be well-argued and articulate, we will print it, whether we agree with it or not. In the meantime we hope that you have a fan blowing very near you as you read this. Enjoy the week.

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Where is it?
Cover: courtesy of local photographer Matt Birch of Sky-lark
in the Needlemakers
Above: Nice graffito, but where is it?
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