Olly Smith

Profession: TV presenter and writer. (Olly’s latest show, Saturday Kitchen, will start on BBC1 this Saturday at 8.30am).
Are you local: if not how long have you been here? Been here 4 years, best years of my life so far.
Best thing about Lewes? It’s a tie between the warm friendly people and Mister Catlin who has the richest diction in England. He should be King. King Catlin.
Worst thing about Lewes? The relentless traffic noise from the A27 bypass which buzzes across the town and shatters the peace around the Priory ruins. It’s like a brick constantly being hurled through my mind’s front window.
Favourite pub? The Arms in Lewes or The Griffin in Fletching.
What’s your poison? Harvey’s Best. Or Negroni - a cocktail my Lewes mate Sean introduced me to last weekend - a third each of Campari, Gin and Vermouth. Man-fuel.
Waitrose or Tesco (or neither)? Waitrose but I believe in supporting local businesses and buy all my veg from Barcombe Nurseries and my meat from Frank Richards. Can I say hello to Glen?
What do you think about traffic wardens? They’ve never crossed me but I think red is so not their colour. They should dress up as rhinos. Then we could hunt them to the verge of extinction.

Kitchen Devil: local lad Olly Smith makes his BBC1 debut on Saturday