Hands On Romans

If your kids normally get bored in museums because they aren’t allowed to touch anything, they’ll love today’s after school event at the castle. As part of National Archaeology Week, the session is dedicated to Roman artefacts and it will definitely be a hands-on affair. Lyn Gayford, the castle’s education officer, tells us that amongst the items available to handle, will be a 2000-year-old leather sandal and a Roman oil lamp. “The lamp actually has the thumb print of the maker still on it, which often brings home to children that they are now holding something made and handled by a Roman craftsman over 2000 years ago”. Other items on display are a selection of pottery and brickwork as well as an oyster spoon.

The whole of this county is in fact a rich source of Roman artefacts, perhaps not too surprising considering that the area which we now know as Sussex took the full force of the initial Roman invasion in the period from 54BC to 45AD. To gain a fuller understanding of the scale of the invasion, and indeed the wealth it brought with it, you could nip along the coast to Fishbourne Palace. Alternatively, if your kids want to carry on the hands-on theme nearer to home, in August Sussex Past will be running a ‘dig and discover’ day, open to 8-16 year olds, at their excavation site near Barcombe. But be quick, it sells out fast… NW

In-joking apart get your hands on some Roman relics
Lewes Castle
When? 3.30pm – 5pm
How Much? Adult £4.50; Kids £2.25

To book places on the dig and discover day,
call Lynn Gayford on 01273 405734
(w) Website