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Seven Sisters Seashore Spectacular

If you do just one thing this weekend, do this. Today’s Sussex Wildlife Trust event is on the coastline of the 700 acre Seven Sisters Country Park (SSCP). Even before you reach the sea there is plenty to admire, as you wind your way through the Park to the cliff end. However, it is here that the real fun begins, with experts from the South Coastal Biodiversity Project on hand to introduce you to the wealth of life existing in both the rock pools of the coastline and just below the waves themselves. Think of it as a super-sized pond-dipping experience, with spectacular scenery thrown in free of charge. So if you like the idea of your kids gaining education and exercise alongside great scenery and weather, this is your perfect day out.

The SSCP gets its name from the magnificent Seven Sisters - seven white chalk cliff faces; Haven Brow, Short Brow, Rough Brow, Brass Point, Flat Hill, Bailey’s Hill and Went Hill, formed over thousands of years of activity where the South Downs meet the sea. The cliffs themselves are receding at about 40cm each year, in an intermittent process, with heavy rain and rough seas causing occasional major falls, followed by periods of relative stability. So make sure to enjoy the view, as it may never be look the same again. Oh, and don’t leave without saying ‘The seven sisters sell seashells at the seashore seashell spectacular’ – seven times… NW

Cliff and the shadows. If it ainít broke, donít change the caption.
Photo by Matt Birch of Sky-lark
Pump Barn, SSCP, Exceat, Seaford
When? 3pm - 6pm
How Much? Free

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