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Our photo of the week comes from a regular contributor of the slot, Simon Dale. Lewes resident Simon has an excellent photoblog spot on his website (he’s a designer) on which he posts a photo every day. They are usually taken in and around Lewes. “They aren't actually Lewes carp, they live in Punnett's Town: I was visiting a friend last Sunday. What more can I say? Sorry can't think of any witty carp related incident/jokes, it is too hot...” he told us, on Wednesday, the hottest day in the UK since 1911. We like the sunspots on the pond surface, we wonder what the bubbles are all about, and we love the plumpness of the carp. On a day like that, even the fish look hot. We love getting your photos in, so please keep sending them.

Carping on: this week even the fish were moaning about how hot it was