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Art: Norman Adams

The French countryside - lush tress, olive groves, fields of lavender. Such idyllic scenes have often been an inspiration to artists. Among them Norman Adams, who first visited Provence in 1980 with his wife and whose fascination with the nature and landscape of Southern France has culminated in this exhibition of watercolours: From Provence To Paradise. His paintings tend to focus on specific points in the landscape, such as a particular tree or grove, the individual standing in for the whole area and creating a sense of place. Blues, greens and oranges depict light and atmosphere, abstract enough that there is not too much concentration on detail to distract the viewer from the feel of the piece. Warm, dreamlike colours and shapes draw the viewer into Adam’s world and the way he saw nature. They also point to something larger.

It is no surprise that Adam’s had a great belief in the spiritual and in particular in the way the spiritual can be found through nature and art. The second half of this exhibition, said to have been influenced by the smaller landscapes, features large, religious-themed works. Again, abstract, with rich, vibrant colours and swirling shapes. These include ‘Humility Has Wings’, ‘Dark Madonna’ and ‘Pink Dawn: Segments of a Dream Receding’. They are powerful, dreamlike, striking and startling, often difficult to get a meaning from but the viewer comes to realise there is no need to. Just stand back and let the colours and feelings wash over you. LK

Peach Tree Overgrown with Ivy by Norman Adams

Star Gallery, Castle Ditch Lane, Lewes
When? 11am-5.30pm till 22nd July 2006
How Much? Free
Star Gallery
01273 480218
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