Tales in the Tower

Are you sitting comfortably? Good then I’ll begin. Once upon a time, on a particularly hot and sunny day, the good folk of Sussex Past were wondering how best to use their many magnificent buildings. They particularly loved their castle, standing proudly in the centre of the town. “How magnificently she stands there”, said one member of the staff, who for reasons never fully explained, had decided that the castle was female. “Yes, she is indeed a structure with fine lines and natural beauty”, said a colleague, already falling in with the recently formed ‘castle’s are female’ theory. “If only she could talk”, said a third. There was a moment’s silence, before they turned towards each other and smiled - and at this very moment the idea for ‘Tales in the Tower’ was born.

Or not. In reality, what’s on offer is a ninety-minute storytelling session, led by Liz Porter and Ruth Cooke, who we are assured, will provide a higher standard of story than my effort. The event, billed as suitable for families, specifically targets children aged five years and above. The sessions, which need to be booked in advance, (see more info below) take place in the castle on both Saturday and Sunday. The publicity for the event describes it as ‘A tapestry of songs and stories to lead you around the castle’. Or to put it another way, a fun way to spend 90 minutes with the family over the weekend… NW

Tall tales: the art of the yarn at Lewes Castle
Lewes Castle, 169 High St
When? Sat & Sun 11.00am – 12.30pm
How Much? £5 per child (pre-book)

(t) 01273 486290
(w) Website