Charity Event - Artworks for auction

The Dairy Studio in Malling has come up with an enterprising way to raise money for a local charity. “To help us raise money for Lewes families affected by Motor Neurone Disease we would love you donate an original postcard-sized piece of art (6x4”) which will then be part an enormous (hopefully!) assemblage creating a wall of art,” says organiser Susie Monnington. “All we ask is that you keep to 6x4”, you can work in any media - paint, drawing, print, collage… You don’t need to be an artist to contribute to this event, the idea is that anyone can take part whatever their age or ability. If you hand in your card by 18 August you will get a complimentary glass of wine on the day of the event, September 2nd. The cards will be sold at 2.00pm for a minimum price of £1.00 each, so please do come and support us in any way you can.”

“One of the Dairy Studio team has been involved in helping to care for a family member suffering from Motor Neurone Disease; and this is what inspired us into raising some cash to help other Lewes-based families dealing with the same illness,” continues Monnington. “This disease is devastating for all those involved; MND is a progressive, fatal condition that causes muscle wastage. It is fairly rare and unfortunately there is currently no cure, and most people with MND die from it within a few years.”

Art for charity at the Dairy Studios

Old Malling Farm, Lewes
When? Art work to be completed by Aug 18th
How Much? Donations welcome
Dairy Studios
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