Walk - Butterflies

What do Chalkhill Blues, Gatekeepers, Common Blues, Red Admirals, Peacocks, Green-veined Whites, Commas, Ringlets, Purple Hairstreaks and Painted Ladies all have in common? As you have probably realised from the photo accompanying this text, they are butterflies common in Sussex. The local branch of the Butterfly Conservation group organise daily trips for butterfly enthusiasts, which they advertise on their charming website. The events are free to non-members. Today’s meet is on Swanborough Hill just outside Kingston, and will focus on downland butterflies – Chalkhill Blues are just coming into season, a lovely sight. Pre-booking is essential – the walk is free but there are limited places. You will be told where to meet up on booking.

The Chalkhill Blue, or Polyommatus Coridon, is particularly common to the Lewes area and its flight peak is late July and August, so it is highly likely you will get to see quite a few of these delicate creatures. Though possibly not as many as counted by The Steedman family last August who saw a total of 543 one afternoon at Ewe Dean, which must have been quite a sight. We’re still wondering how they know they didn’t count any of the same ones twice. AG

A Painted Lady spotted on Mount Caburn courtesy of Viva reader
Nevil Hutchinson

Swanborough Hill, Kingston
When? 10.30am
How Much? Free
(w) Website