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Sara O’Kane has been putting together quarterly group exhibitions of largely local artists since 1999. First she put them on in the All Saints, then the Thebes, now HQ. “I’ve always had the same philosophy,” she tells me, dressed all in white, having just hung her latest one, entitled ‘Summer Show’. “I like to put on a few established artists who are likely to be known to the buying public, and a few unknown ones who might come as a surprise. I don’t want to match paintings: the key is variety.” The most established artist in today’s exhibition is Tom Benjamin, and his vivid Post-Impressionist-style landscapes are hanging near the wall.

Walking round both floors of the immaculate gallery (I haven’t been since it was a building site three days before it opened its doors) I can see plenty of variety, from Angie McKay’s confident watercolour shoes to David Bradford’s wooden sculptures of stylised ships to Tony Owers’ printy abstracts composed of scribbles, blocks of colour and bits of magazine, which I like best. Not all the prices have been displayed yet: they all seem to be in three figures. I tell Sarah which are my favourites, and she says she’s not surprised. I tell her I can’t afford one, though, and ask her what proportion of people who come in are buyers, and what proportion just want to have a look. Apparently it’s about 20 to 1 in favour of the lookers. Go join them: it’s a fine exhibition. AL

November Rain by Teresa Beevers

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