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No one seemed to want the Odeon to close but inevitably it did and stood derelict for many years. It was eventually replaced by a dull precinct of shops which very successfully disguise the fact that there are actually any shops within. You can see the old Odeon on the right: before it was demolished the word 'shame' was written on its facade, reflecting the mood felt by most of the townspeople.

Just before the end, a colleague of mine who was a police constable at the time, was called to the Odeon in response to a report that a number of people had been seen leaving the site, which was by then in a dangerous state. She remembers that when they got into the building no one was to be seen but there in the middle of the cinema floor, amongst the rubble and upturned seats, was… a perfect pentagram. Really, don’t mess with the Lewesians, we have a dark side. Thanks to Friends of Lewes for use of pictures.

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Shame! And do the same to see the results of this piece of vandalism