That’s the end of another week, then, as we Brits start to get sick and tired of the sort of weather we’ve always moaned about not having. We’d like to thank the following people this week, without whom this issue would have been a far, far poorer thing: Richard Osborne, Brian Gent, Johnny Denis, Sue Barnes, Sarah O’Kane, Graham Dawkins, Jim Tipler, Damien Duff, Andrew Whitnall, Susanne Janssen, Dave Kelbie, Jane Brace, Gina Brown, Peter Schueler, Laurence Hill, Jon Botting and Graham Johnson.

This week’s contributors are: Karen Anderson, Laura Kayne, Sophie Clarke, Jess Wood, William Leith, Katie Moorman, Antonia Gabassi, Dave Wilson, Nick Williams and Alex Leith.

Next week’s highlights include: Thursday 3rd: Las Morochas – Argentinian tango duo, and pedal-steel guitar hero BJ Cole at the Lewes Guitar Festival
Friday 4th: Wednesday 9th: Pirates of the Caribbean at the All Saints
Friday 4th: Hoedown Fest featuring Hayseed Dixie, the Curst Sons and The Von Trolley Quartet
Saturday 5th: Farmers’ Market
Saturday 5th: Songwriters’ night at the LGC Big Top with Loudon Wainwright

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Gold rush: Pirates of the Caribbean is on all next week at the All Saints