Johnny Denis (continued)

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Are you pro- or anti- the Phoenix development? Lewes needs small-scale development which builds on and adds to the character of Lewes. This vast proposal means monolithic building design and prices to crowd out independent retail/trade. Oh and did I mention housing and flood plains don’t go well together.
Favourite Lewes landmark? The Ouse. By and large Lewes turns its back on the river. A renewed focus would benefit the town.
How would you spend a perfect Sunday afternoon? Napping, it’s a family thing.
What’s on your stereo? Nouvelle Vague turning the hits of my youth into lounge
Lewes would be better if… Lewes pubs had not been given permission to keep their neighbours awake until the small hours. I’ve got no chance of sleeping before 1.30-2am at the weekends now. So much for reducing anti-social behaviour! Dammit !
What Lewes really doesn’t need is…any more small shops being given planning permission to turn into housing.

Get in the habit: 5-a-day man Johnny Denis, by Owen Postgate