Tanya Laporte (continued)

Which newspaper do you read? Occasionally the Guardian, but usually the Observer. All the news of the week is in there, as Joe Jackson once noted.
Are you pro or anti the Phoenix development? I’m pro, but with provisos. I would like it to remain a predominantly industrial estate. Lewes has lost a lot of industry - all the businesses that used to be run from the twittens for example - and it can’t afford to lose any more. I would like to see ground floor industries with loft apartments above. There should also be artists’ workshops - there are so many creative people in Lewes crying out for space.
Favourite Lewes landmark? Fat Belly Woman. Lewes people will understand what I mean - the shape of the hills as you’re coming down the Phoenix Causeway.
How often do you go to London and Brighton? Not often enough. I can’t seem to get out of Lewes these days.
How would you spend a perfect Sunday afternoon? Sitting by the river with my girls with a picnic and a bottle of wine. Just chilling on a nice summer day.
What cd/record/tape is in your hifi? The Eels, Daisies of the Galaxy. They’re a fabulous American band.
Lewes would be better if… There were more pedestrian-friendly streets.
What Lewes really doesn’t need is… More residential houses being built. And more trees being cut down in order to build them.

Tanya Laporte by Owen Postgate