Lewes Guitar Festival: Las Morochas

The Lewes Guitar Festival 2006 is a UK debut for Argentinian duo Las Morochas. The band, formed of Ianina Pietrantonio and Cecila Zabala, aim to interpret the work of tango musician and composer Astor Piazzolla, and show influences of folk, jazz and classical music in their tunes. Piazzolla, known as ‘El Gran Astor’ in his own country, is the most influential tango star of the latter half of the twentieth century, who invented ‘nuevo tango’ by fusing it with elements of jazz, thus moving the genre into the modern age, and assuring a new younger audience for the genre. Las Morochas, among that fanbase, formed in Buenos Aires in 2003 and bring a unique, twenty-first century interpretation to both Piazzolla’s work and traditional Spanish and Argentinian styles of folk and tango.

Sample pieces are found on their website, and these influences are immediately clear to the listener. The music is powerful and moving, yet also gentle and often playful, the contrasting and complimenting sounds of flute and guitar dancing around each other before joining forces to transport the listener to Argentina or Spain. There is expression and feeling, joy and sadness, all very simply but honestly conveyed. This is music to sit and contemplate life to, and music to dance to: as varied as Las Morochas’ diverse influences. Their pieces are accomplished and contained, with touches of imagination and free-flowing creativity. LK

A new fizz to your tango

Pelham House, St. Andrews Lane, Lewes
When? 5.15pm
How Much? £5

Lewes Guitar Festival
(t) 01273 480218
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