Lewes Guitar Festival - Joe West

Anyone who witnessed Joe West’s Halloween gig in the Lansdown a couple of years back will be itching to see him again. Joe is a singer/songwriter from Santa Fe, New Mexico, who is a legend in his own state and is making an increasing reputation for himself over here. He bills himself as being a ‘trailer park crooner’ and a ‘time travelling Mark Twain gone punk’ which paints quite an accurate picture of his amusing, intelligent and at times highly danceable style.

“I may be working out my own demons here,” comments the singer, “my subjects have a kind of spiritual desperation, and they try to find salvation in all the wrong ways, through drugs and alcohol. I make fun of our own failures as humans: our pretences, our greed, our dependency. But personally, I have an optimistic outlook.” ‘Joe West is for all underdogs, losers and lovers… his wicked mix of pathos and humour is laced with a deep respect for humanity’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses, especially its addictions,’ says the blurb on his website. ‘West finds no subject unworthy, no tunnel too dark. Luckily his respect for life and his brilliant sense of humour reassure that there’s always a light at the end, even if it’s just a naked bulb.’ Expect a bluegrassy punk-folk gone honkytonk. Expect to be entertained. Expect to laugh. Maybe even expect to shed a tear. DL

Joe West ‘Mark Twain Gone Punk’ at the Lansdown last year
The Big Top, Convent Field
When? From 6pm
How Much? £17.50

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