Lewes Guitar Festival - Von Trolley Quartet and Pa Bobo Jobarteh

The Lewes Guitar Festival comes to a close this afternoon with a free concert in the Grange Gardens featuring two rather different bands. First up is the Von Trolley Quartet, a comedy busking act featuring three Australians and a Norwegian, who you might have caught at a festival somewhere in the world sometime in the last four years. The defining feature of the Von Trolleys is that their two founding members, guitarist Trent Arkleysmith and drummer The Almost Amazing Robert play miniature instruments at high tempo. The sound is filled out by the electric bass of the dreadlocked Grahame Thompson, whilst visual antics are provided by the most recent band member Gareth Bjaaland (aka Donkbert Von Trolley Junior), who also plays the banjo while balancing a chair on his head. You probably get the picture. They’re meant to be a scream.

Afterwards, something completely different, and rather more serious. Pa Bobo Jobarteh are a Gambian threesome featuring two kora masters (including Pa, whose name is given to the band) and a percussionist. The kora is a Western African harp, which has 21 strings, played in two parallel rows using the fingers and thumb of both hands. Pa is the son of Malamini Jobarteh, one of the Gambia’s foremost musicians and a ‘Jali’ of the Mandinka people. Pa has inherited his gifts and know-how. AL

Off their trolleys: rock in the Grange with the Von Trolley Quartet
Grange Gardens, Lewes
When? 1pm, 2.30pm
How Much? Free

Lewes Guitar Festival
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