Hiroshima Day - Lewes CND

As we have done for some 25 years now, Lewes CND will be commemorating Hiroshima Day. We meet as dusk is falling by the Ouse under the Phoenix Causeway (near Harvey’s Brewery) to float our candles - as they do in Japan - and remember the victims of the atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and of nuclear mines and testing. Lewes CND invites everyone in Lewes to join us. Whatever you think of nuclear power, it is hard not to be moved by the memory of the thousands vapourised in that terrible moment of naked power - mere shadows on the ground where innocent men, women and children had just walked and talked and laughed and played. That horror is why CND gathers to swear “Never again” on the anniversary of those mushroom clouds of destruction. That memory drives the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, but it also underpins our work as a Lewes peace group. Hence on Sunday, we will also be remembering the ongoing death and suffering as a result of Blair’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as calling for an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon, underpinned by a wider solution to the problems of the Middle East, which have the suffering of the Palestinian people at their heart. This is not the kind of world we want to bequeath to future generations. If you share our vision of a peaceful future join us on Sunday 6th August at 8.30pm under the Phoenix Causeway. Once again we will be floating our candles, remembering the dead and suffering and re-dedicating ourselves to the search for a better, more peaceful world. SM

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Hiroshima Candles by Margerite Thompson
Under the Phoenix Causeway
When? Sunday 6th August at 8.30pm
How Much? Free