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This week’s photo was taken by Ben Whitehead of the Chalk Gallery while he was in Reykjavik. “I was in a place I really wasn’t supposed to be in, in the port area, so I had to take the picture in a hurry. It was quite exciting. It was some sort of a door from a ship in a repair yard. I love textures and that’s what appealed to me. Also the different colours, and the way that the picture tells a bit of a story. The door has to have been through quite a bit to get into that sort of a state.” We like the texture too, and the little bit of blue rope poking out through a hole. And the lock, of course. We wonder whether someone is still in possession of the key, to open it. We’d like to take this opportunity to wish a happy first birthday to everybody at the Chalk Gallery, the friendliest art gallery in town. And we are happy to say we'll announce the winner of our World Cup Photo Competition next week.

Paint misbehaving: nice textures in Reykjavik port