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From the outset at Viva Lewes we have broken most of the accepted rules of website design. We scroll sideways, for a start. It takes some people a while to get used to this, but once you start using the scroll bar at the bottom of the page, it starts to seem natural. We wanted Viva Lewes to read like a magazine, we wanted it to look like a magazine, and we wanted it to smell like a magazine. We are, to our knowledge, the first website ever to have page numbers. Received wisdom stated that text on the web should be bite-sized, and information-heavy. From the start we have moved away from this: we are currently experimenting with longer articles over two, three and four pages. We are also, to our knowledge, the first website to bring out supplements. We got a lot of positive feedback from our World Cup supplement, and are getting similar noises about our weekly Viva Kids supplement, which comes out on Friday afternoon, to let parents know what they can do with the kids over the weekend. We are planning further supplements, too. We have also, in recent weeks, started taking in advertising, which, of course, we need to thrive. We feel that the way we work is good for our advertisers – readers have to scroll over every page to get to the end. We waited a long time before taking on advertising as we wanted to establish our personality before making ourselves a professional concern. On issue 32 we are still experimenting – rest assured we always will. We’d really appreciate any feedback on what you like and don’t like about the magazine: what you think would make it better, and what you think needs leaving out. Thanks for clicking in. Enjoy the week.

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Where is it?
Cover image: Cheap Day Return, by Peter Messer
Above: nice Porlockian copper: but where is he? (pic by Miranda Kemp)
Last week: Broomans Lane