Fort Rox Festival (continued from last page)

British Sea Power are ‘curating’ this festival, which means that they have chosen the bands that are supporting them. This is a good thing. The main support band, The Duke Spirit are a raw-edged indie band who have built themselves a great word-of-mouth reputation leading to a number of Radio 1 and Virgin sessions and a critically-acclaimed album Cuts Across the Land, which was released in the States this spring. Singer Liela Moss is the focal point of the group, a tambourine bashing lead singer with blonde hair and a thousand admirers: she is backed by two guitarists, a bassist and a drummer. Luke Ford provides backing vocals. The band are great favourites of the NME, who gave them a rare 10/10 rating for their first gig.

It doesn’t stop there. Also on the bill are The Research, My Latest Novel, Charlottefield, Jacob’s Stories and a band from the Lewes-based band factory Starfish. The Research, from Wakefield, are an up-and-coming threesome notable for their use of synthesiser in place of guitar. Scottish five-piece My Latest Novel are really hot property, a melodious unit who blend folk and pop using xylophones and violins, and have supported the Pixies. Charlottefield are a grungy Brighton foursome who rose from the ashes of Fatcat records; Jacob’s Stories is highly-rated electronic indie stuff by singer-songwriter Stuart Lee. Fort Rox promises to be a brilliant event: the nearest Newhaven has come to rock cultdom is back in the days of Peter and the Test Tube Babies, and they were from Peacehaven. DL

The Duke Spirit – the coolest thing to hit Newhaven since… er…
Peter and the Test Tube Babies
Newhaven Fort
When? 12pm – 6pm
How Much? £10

British Sea Power
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