Mountain Bike Ride - Berwick to Firle Beacon and back

East Sussex County Council’s weekly countryside mountain bike ride is again in the Lewes area, and is again organised by Graham Dawson, who leads such expeditions with good humour, patience and a burning desire to let you know interesting historical anecdotes along the way. All you need is a mountain bike and five hours to spare… it is advisable to have water and something to eat as well. Riders (there are usually 12-20 of them) meet at Berwick Station at 10.30. “Then we go down Common Lane a little way, across the A27 to Bo Peep Farm, and right along the coach road to Firle,” says Dawkins. “There we will take refreshments: coffee or alcohol as preferred.”

“You will need the energy, because the next bit is a hard climb up to Firle Beacon. It’s not a disgrace if you walk some of this. I don’t say ‘last one up’s a cissy’, or anything.” From the top of the Beacon, the views are spectacular, and a rest is scheduled at this point: this is a good time to eat your picnic. The ride continues along the ridge towards Alfriston, turning north down to Winton St and following the South Downs Way to Wilmington Rd. Then, after tea in the Wishing Well, Dawson takes you past Arlington Reservoir back to Berwick Station. “There are plenty of interesting things to see along the way,” says Dawson, “including Firle Tower. This is a Victorian folly reputed to have been built by Jack Fuller as the result of a wager.” AG

A tyre from side-on: can you make it up Firle Beacon?
Meet Berwick Station
When? 10.30
How Much? Free
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