Workshop - Good Food & Nutrition

Anybody who has tuned in to Channel 4 over the past year or so knows that nutritional and dietary advice is big news. Firstly, Jamie Oliver’s analysis of the junk being fed to our children in his School Dinners programme started off a revolution in our school canteens. More recently, the subject has been analysed in graphic detail by Dr Gillian McKeith in her no holds barred series, ‘You are what you eat’. In both cases it is fair to say that the fear factor of the damage caused by poor nutritional knowledge is at the core of the proposition. On the positive side, the clear message is that proper attention to your nutritional requirements makes a massive difference to quality of life.

So if you’re interested in gaining some sensible local nutritional advice, head down to Cliffe Church Hall today, where nutrition consultant Annie McRae is holding a three-hour workshop. Annie is an advocate of unadulterated wholesome food, but also believes that good nutrition is about much more than healthy eating. She believes that we also need to address our environmental and emotional surroundings, because they are often the key to restoring nutritional imbalance and deficiency. The session will take a look at your eating habits and lifestyle, and at the end, we are assured you will receive a list of nourishing and interesting food ideas designed to provide you with a healthier future lifestyle. Which probably means no more doner kebabs… NW

An apple a day… poor nutritional knowledge is at the core of
our country’s health problems
St Thomas Church Hall, Cliffe
When? 9.30am - 12.30pm
How Much? £24.95 (£19.95 in advance)
(t) 01273 470543
(w) Website