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Lewes FC Manager Steve King

“To put it politely the game against the Deaf XI was a bit of a run-out for the team. It ended up 6-1 and we hit the crossbar four times. It was a good chance to give Siggy (Jean-Michel Sigere) a run out and Jamie Cade, both of whom have been injured. Siggy scored two goals in the twenty minutes he was on the pitch. It was a proud moment for the Deaf XI, and particularly our striker Lee Farrell, who played a half for us then a half as captain for them. The Deaf XI brought about 150 fans with them, which was great, but I was a bit disappointed with the turnout of the Lewes fans - the total crowd was only about 200.

The next day we played Southampton, who put out a young reserve side. It was a very good side with good young players, and they beat us 2-1. We put in a poor first half performance, though we did get a goal from Boothie (Paul Booth) to make it 2-1. He ran between two defenders and hit it into the bottom corner from just outside the box. The floodlights failed at half time, which led to a half-hour delay, and in the second half we played much better, creating chance after chance after chance, often from ‘Juke Box’ Andy Drury’s crosses. At the other end Wilko (Paul Wilkinson) made some blinding saves, but they scored a winner with five minutes to go. I was a little concerned that we have been stronger in the second half in pre-season: I don’t want us to become a second-half team. We’ve got the personnel not to be. I’m sure that when there are three points at stake that won’t be the case.

Steve King:
“This is the best team I’ve brought together since I came here”