Name: Peter Flanagan.
Profession: Designer.
Local lad? Feel like one, actually arrived 1978, from NW London.
Best thing about Lewes? Can-do people, beautiful town, stunning Downs, twenty minutes from Brighton and almost anything you need, an hour away from the best city on the planet. You couldn’t invent it.
Worst thing about Lewes? Where it’s going, long term. The parking scheme, no progress on flood defences, Tesco-isation, the incinerator - all hard to view in a positive light. Where are the bold steps?
Favourite pub? The Lansdown and the Gardners, proper town pubs, couldn’t be more relaxing. A round of applause for Ben and Viv’s live music.
What’s your poison? Fuller’s Chiswick, Harvey’s bottled brown, or a good Montepulciano D’Abbruzzio.
Waitrose or Tesco (or neither)? Ashurst Organics, Lansdown Foods, Lidl, sometimes Waitrose; Tesco only if I want to find out what they’ve run out of…
What do you think about traffic wardens? No feelings - they’re not the issue.
Which Bonfire Society do you go to? I’m part of the Rocket FM team, so on the Fifth I’m busy holding pieces of wire together and helping Rocket’s start-to-finish coverage get out to our listeners around the world.
Which newspaper do you read? The Guardian.

Peter Flanagan - he thinks itís gonna be a long long time