Are you pro or anti the Phoenix development? I verge more towards anti. There are some good ideas, and much more left unsaid. It looks like a new heart for Lewes, but we already have a beautiful one, thank you.
Favourite Lewes landmark? The whole town centre - I feel privileged walking through it, and I couldn’t single out one feature.
How would you spend a perfect Sunday afternoon? Family, friends, June’s cooking, red wine and good music. Or, taking photos around Acoma, New Mexico. Depends which perfect Sunday.
What’s on your hifi? Regina Spektor, how does all that fit inside such a tiny, shy person? Natalie Merchant, long term, and the Who’s Madrid gig a couple of weeks ago – I’ve honestly never heard them better. And I don’t mean that in a Rolling Stones aren’t-they-grand-for-their-age way!
Lewes would be better if… We found an effective way to inform and mobilise people when the big issues are on the table. ESCC tried for an OTT parking regime in Eastbourne, and were forced to go away and rethink it. Here in reactionary Lewes we keep letting ourselves be walked over. Regular, genuinely local broadcasting would be part of the solution.
What Lewes really doesn’t need is… an absurd, city-grade parking scheme. Just one thought: Richmond is well inside the M25, one of the wealthiest and prettiest parts of London, and I can park free, seven or eight minutes’ walk from the centre, all day. Here, we’re selling permits for spaces that don’t exist, and parked trucks still block the streets, as they have for years.

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Peter Flanagan by Owen Postgate