Music - The Honeycuts

The Honeycuts are a three-piece indie band from the Starfish stable who were chosen by Brighton-based British Sea Power to play on the bill in the Fort Rox festival at Newhaven Fort on Saturday. I arrange to meet them in the Grange on Monday to see how things went. Two of them are still wearing the blue backstage wristbands participating groups were given. They introduce themselves: Joe on drums, Oscar on bass, and George on guitar and vocals. “We’d practiced for two days solid before the gig, and it really paid off,” says Oscar. “Something always goes wrong in our gigs, but this time nothing did.” They were first on the bill: of the 750 people who turned up only about 50 were there in time to see them play. “As we were the first band we had a lot of time on stage while they were setting up, and that settled our nerves,” says George. “I asked a stagehand to get me a drink, just to see if he would. He did. It was a Sprite.” George writes the songs. “We sing about being young,” he says. “And Lewes. People say we sound like the Arctic Monkeys”. They rate the Starfish studios, where they can use the equipment, and get tuition. “I haven’t got a drum kit, so I wouldn’t be able to play if I couldn’t go there,” says Joe. As a parting shot I ask about their name. “It’s from Professor Honeycutt, a character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We just knocked a ‘t’ off and added and ‘s’.” The Honeycuts. Remember the name. AL

The Honeycuts better than a slap in the face with a wet starfish