That’s another week over, then, a week in which we saw the first horse chestnut on the ground outside the Grange and wondered whether summer will show her flame-haired head again before the inexorable arrival of her more serious sister autumn. We’d like to thank the following people for their invaluable help with this issue: Phil Rhodes, Jean-Michel Sigere, Anthony Storey, Peter Flanagan, Rachel at HQ, Neil Dann, Richard Lindfield, David Hopkins, Graham Gough and Louise Chavannes

Contributors were: Andi Mindell, Sophie Clark, Katie Moorman, Owen Postgate, Antonia Gabassi, Dexter Lee, William Leith, Nick Williams, Dave Wilson and Alex 'Bruschetta' Leith

Next week’s highlights include
Sat 26th - Artwave. A massive celebration of art throughout town for a month as galleries hold special events and artists hold open house.
Sat 26th - Oil painter Marguerite Horner presents Ever Deeper at the Star Gallery (see pic right)
Mon 28th - Donkey derby at Seaford (!)
Mon 28th - Lewes FC play Bognor at the Pan

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Faith Pours 2, by Marguerite Horner, at the Star Gallery next week